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Camper van/ motorhome, Caravan & Car (1 Adult)     £12.00

Camper van/ motorhome, Caravan & Car (2 Adults)    £20.00

     Camping in Tents with a vehicle

1 Adult tent and car          £12.00

2 Adults tent and car         £20.00

Camping in Tent with no vehicle

1 Adult tent     £8.00

2 Adults tent   £16.00


Adults                                    £8.00

Children under 5 years     Free

Children under 16 years (accompanied with an adult)       £4.00

Car      £4.00

Motorbike    £2.00

Duke of Edinburgh students       £7.00

Dogs   Free

Fire pits free to borrow

Bag of Logs   £6.00

Sticks and newspaper       £1.00


Please pay on arrival.

We accept, cash, card or cheque (payable to Usha Gap)


We reserve the right to refuse entry at our discretion


  • DO keep your speed down on site as there are children playing.
  • DO ensure gates are closed after use 
  • DO put rubbish in bins provided not on the ground.
  • DO supervise children on site as this is a working farm.
  • DO keep noise down after 10pm at night. no loud music after 10pm
  • DO respect other campsite users.
  • DO dispose of your ashes in the container provided .
  • DO Keep your dogs under control and kept to areas with no stock. No fouling on the campsite, if so please dispose in bins provided
  • DO report any concerns to management.


  • DO NOT enter farm areas, including barns and yards, without permission. This is a working farm with many potential dangers.
  • DO NOT climb dry stone walls or bales as they may collapse.
  • DO NOT approach or try to stroke the farm dogs, they are working dogs not pets.
  • DO NOT smoke in and around the premises.
  • DO NOT release lanterns, they are a fire risk and a danger to farm animals.
  • DO NOT light fires on the ground, please use a fire pit or BBQ.
  • DO NOT use BBQ’s and fire pits inside tents, caravans or campervans.
  • DO NOT put hot coals into bins, wait until they have cooled down.

We cannot accept any responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage to any property including vehicles

Thank you. We hope you enjoy your stay.